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Establish the pillars of your online presence 1. Get found. Submit your business to online directories and search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. This will help you get found and boost your online presence immediately. Accurate

9 Tips for Automotive Direct-mail Campaigns For the success of your direct-mail campaigns, it is recommended that you follow these 9 Tips for Automotive Direct-mail: 1. Provide a copy of the direct-mail piece to all members of your

Get Motivated and Inspired by Henry Ford Henry Ford was the business man's business man. The driver of commerce at Ford and an innovator that has left an impact on the world we live in today. If

During the 2016 election, I admit that I received almost every single tweet from President Trump through a notification from Twitter on my iPhone. I think we were all interested (whether for or against) in what the

The following are some DO's and DON'Ts for automotive direct mail campaigns One of the keys to success in any automotive direct mail campaign is having a well educated and trained staff at your dealership. If the