Marketing and Advertising News – Week of October 21, 2018

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Here is the top marketing news from October 21, 2018, to October 28, 2018, that you might have missed.

Amazon’s Top Line Up 29 Percent Because of On-site Advertising

On October 25, 2018, Amazon announced that their top line rose by 29 percent for the third quarter compared to the same quarter in 2017. Most of the gain, which missed Wall Street analysts predictions, came from the company’s ad initiative designed to take on Google and Facebook advertising. Officials with the company said that the ads brought in $2.5 billion to the $870 billion firm. The initiative called Amazon Sponsored Links is based on showing targeted ads to customers based on what they have recently bought on the site compared to Google Ads that show advertising based on a user’s browsing history and Facebook Ads that show ads based on what people like and share.

Snapchat Becomes Second Fastest Growing Social Media Platform

Snapchat is the second fastest growing social media platform in the United States with eMarketer experts expecting to see a 7.1 percent increase before the end of the year. Approximately 84.8 million users are found on the platform daily despite the unpopular redesign that was initially rolled out in May. While Snapchat remains most popular among users between 12 and 17, its new story format is most popular with a slightly older demographic suggesting that Snapchat may be trying to expand the demographics they are trying to draw to the platform.

You Can Use Instagram to Predict Future Stock Values

While you know that following marketing news is essential for your company’s success, it may also pay dividends for your financial future as well. According to the United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) says that the number of likes that a luxury brand gets on Instagram directly correlates to the value of a company’s stock in the near future. Even if those liking the product cannot currently afford to currently make the purchase, most will end up making the purchase over time. UBS points to Gucci as a prime example. In 2016, Gucci spent about 33 percent of their marketing budget on social media while they will spend about 55 percent of their budget on social media in 2018. According to UBS, the company experienced a 76 percent correlation between the number of likes and the price of their shares over the two-year period.

Invasion of Privacy or Smart Digital Marketing?

In advertising news, Clorox has paid tech-startup Kinsa to get data from their thermometer app. This thermometer found in more than 500,000 homes allows users to keep track of a person’s temperature on an app on their smartphone. The thermometer is being mainly marketed to parents. Then, Kinsa removes all identifying information from the collected data before giving it to Clorox who plans on marketing heavily in areas where temperatures are rising.

That is your top marketing stories for this week. We look forward to seeing you again next week with another roundup of digital marketing and advertising news.