Marketing and Advertising News Week – Week of November 11, 2018

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Marketing and Advertising News Week

A few marketing news stories making the rounds in the middle of November focused on television advertising, specifically whether it is still a viable channel for promotion. While it is true that marketing and advertising efforts on television do not have the same impact they did a couple of decades ago, the topic of television advertising continues to be worthy of discussion:

Trumpy Bear Television Commercial is Very Real

Some cable television networks are better than others for the marketing of certain products; to this effect, Fox News is the perfect channel for Trumpy Bear, a novelty stuffed animal that features orange hair and a red power tie. As can be expected, Trumpy Bear is modeled after United States President Donald Trump, and it even comes with an American flag stuffed into a secret pocket.

Trumpy Bear would not normally make an advertising news headline; after all, there are plenty of memorabilia items taking advantage of the most unusual American presidency in history, but there is something about its TV commercial that has caught the interest of media commentators. The unpolished Trumpy Bear spot is produced with a sensibility that makes it seem like a joke, but it is not. This mail-order teddy bear is very real and can be yours two payments of $19.95. The quirky and amateurish TV commercial has already been discussed on Twitter and Snopes.com, thereby garnering additional promotion and threatening to go viral. If anything, Trumpy Bear made marketing news this week because it proves that TV commercials can still draw enough attention to be widely discussed on major websites and social media.

Is Marketing on TV Still Worth It?

A sobering report published by the Wall Street Journal indicates that American “cord-cutters” are busier than ever. During the second quarter of 2018, more than a million cable and satellite television subscriptions were canceled across the U.S. Advertising executives have been monitoring the cord-cutting trend over the last few years; this is hardly news to them, but the writing on the wall does not suggest that TV advertising is completely dead.

Quite a few market analysts believe that the cord-cutting trend is similar to Trumpy Bear in the sense that it is part of a novelty cycle. Many cord-cutters are bound to return to cable and satellite TV subscriptions once they realize that the costs of streaming services can quickly add up. As of 2018, quality programming is the main driver towards video streaming, this content revolution is bound to get very expensive for streaming companies in the near future. Naturally, subscribers will eventually absorb these costs.

Digital Radio Still on the Rise

One of the biggest advertising news in November was the acquisition of Jelli, a digital radio ad platform, by media giant iHeartMedia. This strategic purchase by iHeartMedia is further proof that digital radio continues to be a very strong media channel that advertisers should keep an ear on. Digital radio has substantially learned from the podcast revolution of the 21st century in the sense that industry leaders have realized that digital audio is a highly intimate platform, thereby making it ideal for reaching prospects and customers.