Marketing and Advertising News Week – October 7, 2018

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The domination of “Good Morning America”, a new NBA digital marketing campaign, and more controversy with the take a knee movement in the NFL are just a few of the headlines dominating the marketing news and advertising news for the week of October 7-13.


In the never-ending battle for the morning show crown, ABC’s “Good Morning America” remains at the top of the hill for the week of October 8. Good Morning America has outperformed NBC’s “Today” by +143,000 total viewers while “CBS This Morning” continued to trail the pack by a significant margin. For the year, “Good Morning America” continues to lead the other programs by an average of nearly 160,000 viewers. However, the news was not all good for the ABC workhorse. The coveted marketing and advertising target demographic of adults ages 25-54 was won by “Today” for the 146th consecutive week, an impressive streak in the competitive landscape of morning television programming. The big news coming out of the CBS show was the addition of Bianna Golodryga as a permanent co-host.


A new grassroots digital marketing campaign to bring the Seattle Supersonics back to its original city is taking root. It has officially been ten years since the Supersonics and their ownership packed up and left Seattle bound for Oklahoma City. A new social media campaign spearheaded by the World Famous consulting company is aimed at showing the world how passionate the Seattle fans are and why they deserve to get their NBA team back. Fans are invited to share their stories on Instagram with the hashtag #mysonicsstory. The organizers of the campaign hope that the increase of marketing news and advertising news related to the movement will continue the decade-long effort to persuade an NBA team to relocate to the Seattle area.


In response to the continuing controversy with the take a knee movement of many NFL players, a grocery store in Alabama is refusing to carry Pepsi products. As one of the NFL’s major corporate sponsors, Pepsi is synonymous with the marketing of the sport. Last Wednesday, S&Z Grocery, located in Athens, Alabama, announced via a Facebook post that it would no longer carry Pepsi products advertising the NFL with its logo. The owner of the store said that he pulled the products because the NFL refuses to punish players who decide to take a knee rather than stand and respect the national anthem.