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Marketing and Advertising News For The Week of November 18th

As a business owner, you realize the time, effort, consistency and dedication it takes to make your business a success. You always want to put out the best product possible, because you realize that the word will get out of your zeal for excellence. However, if you are in a larger area, your business could just be another face in the crowd. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product if no one knows about it. This is where marketing and advertising come in. Solid work in this area can take your business to new heights. Paint a large vision for your business and commit to investing the time and money it takes to fulfill your dream. 

Allegheny Conference on Community Endeavors – Pittsburgh Marketing 

When it comes to marketing and advertising, it really would behoove you to know about the latest marketing news just simply to know about the next out-of-the-box idea. One of the come examples comes from the last of November 18th and includes the Allegheny Conference on Community, which has been devoted to stepping up efforts to market the region of Pittsburgh. This would include such endeavors as taking bids to focus on a two-phase project to fully market the ten-county metropolitan area of Pittsburgh. They are looking at marketing companies that can devote phase one to such activities as research, positioning, and development of a coherent message for the region. For marketing and advertising, Pittsburgh counties will also be looking for the activities of creative development and implementation. When it comes to marketing and advertising Pittsburgh is definitely looking to break the mold.

Linear and OTT Television Advertising in Pittsburgh

When it comes to television advertising, marketers are breaking new ground as well. They realize that when it comes to television advertising, they must do so in order to stay relevant. This includes such options as OTT television advertising. OTT advertising is a concept where marketers are seeking new ways to get ads out while viewers are streaming video. When it comes to advertising, Pittsburgh viewers are a lot like the rest of the country. Since 2016, there has been an 18 percent increase in viewers streaming videos, and Pittsburgh marketers and companies are anxious to get hold of this somewhat untapped market. Allowing budget for OTT advertising is one way to do this.

The Walt Disney Company and Google Ads Partnership

Although Walt Disney is now a worldwide institution, even they realize the importance of a good marketer. They are experimenting with new mediums in order to promote their products, including utilizing Google technology for their digital ads. This latest advertising news shows that Walt Disney has struck a deal with Google, to allow the Google Ad Manager to show relevant advertising videos for many of their new productions.

Pittsburgh Advertising Agency

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