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Everyday a Firesale

The way in which we consume media is rapidly evolving; however, traditional media is still a powerful voice in the marketplace and can be a great value.

35% of American households $50,000 plus read a daily paper.
93% of America listens to radio weekly.
Average household spends hours watching TV every week.
If they drive outdoor billboard advertising is in line-of-sight.

Traditional Marketing and Advertising


Average American watches TV nearly 3 hours a day*


  • Idea development & creative
  • Talent selection & directing
  • Script-writing & story-boarding
  • Premium production & mastering
  • Negotiation & placement of buys
  • Programmatic & Over-the-top (OTT)
  • Real-time response tracking

Ringless Voicemail Marketing

Deliver a non-intrusive voicemail directly to your customer's phone.

Record a voicemail message to send to your customers, or we will provide a professional voiceover at no charge
We will deliver 500 - 1000 messages per day to your entire Customer Sales and Service Database.
We pre-screen the live call, and transfer the customer only after they opt-in for your offer.
We will email you a daily summary providing you all the details of the campaign activity.


One of America's Best Marketing Values

Who Reads the Daily Paper:*

18-24 17%
25-34 20%
35-44 23%
45-54 32%
55-64 40%
65+ 52%

37% of Millennial’s Read Sunday Paper.**

*PEW Research April 29, 2015.
**Scarborough 2016


93% of America Tunes in Weekly


  • Idea development
  • Script-writing
  • Voice talent available 24/7
  • Premium production & mastering
  • Jingles & custom music beds made on-site
  • Voice-on-hold
  • Negotiation & placement of buys


The advertising medium least affected by the digital revolution.


  • Idea development
  • Agency Art
  • Evolution posting
  • Negotiate & placement