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My commute to work is 30 minutes a day – back and forth. I have been taught the benefits of “redeeming the time”, so I try to make good use of this time to be continually educating

Google Local Services Pay-Per-Lead. Not Pay-Per-Click (more…)

Television Advertising Buying Television Auditing & Ratings Posts If you are buying television advertising it is critical to audit the delivery results of the campaign. This is known in the TV buying industry as a Post. This

Tips & Tricks for Television Advertising "No Druthers" dDaniel is a full-service marketing firm. That means we have no druthers. The TV man says TV is the best. That's all he sells. The radio man, direct mail

Facebook Advertising Updates Facebook is releasing a series of new tools for small and medium-sized businesses to do Facebook Advertising easier. An automated Ads platform, video editing, and appointment booking capabilities. “With over 90 million small businesses

YouTube Marketing and Advertising YouTube marketing has become an essential part of a solid digital marketing strategy. From creating original content to instructional videos it is important to have a constant stream of fresh relevant content about

Digital Television Advertising OTT Advertising Costs and Spends Over-the-top (OTT) is the latest buzzword in the digital video advertising world and is becoming a significant chunk of the homes watching television in Pittsburgh and the United States.

OTT Digital Television Advertising Today, a growing number of businesses have discovered benefits in utilizing Over-the-top ("OTT") television advertising. This innovative medium offers a way for advertisers to direct content to interested recipients within specific markets. A

Online Review Generation (Updated) "do nothing, say nothing and be nothing" Most businesses take a lackadaisical approach to their online reputation. Then BAM! They get hit with a bad review on Google and they go into damage control

12 Keys to Successful Living from the book The Legend of the Monk and the Merchant By Terry Felber The Legend of the Monk and the Merchant is a story about a man named Antonio and his grandson

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