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Google Local Services

Pay-Per-Lead. Not Pay-Per-Click

Get more leads and grow your business

  • Pay for phone calls, not clicks
  • Turn it on and off at will
  • Low Cost Per Lead
  • dDaniel R.O.I. to Cash Register

dDaniel participated in the pilot run of this relatively new Google product that debuted in 2018. It’s called Google Local Service Ads. In short, after the interested business goes through a background check, they receive the ‘Google Guarantee’ insignia on their ad that will headline the results from specific searches. Instead of paying for clicks, you only pay for verified phone calls to your business.

Google Guarantee carries a money-back guarantee somewhat similar to the Good Housekeeping seal. In most markets, the cost per lead is low and the percent of advertising spend per sale is very low.

The down side is weak closing ratio, but the beauty of this product is that you can turn it on and off at will. When your lead activity is weak, turn it on.

dDaniel delivers a full R.O.I. (Return on Investment) report with this product. Want more information? Click on my video. It’s a good marketing tool to have in your toolbox.