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My top 5 best business podcasts 2021

My commute to work is 30 minutes a day – back and forth. I have been taught the benefits of “redeeming the time”, so I try to make good use of this time to be continually educating myself in all realms of business, life and my Christian faith.

These podcasts are strictly the best business podcasts that I listen to.

1. The Journal Podcast – Co-produced by the Wall Street Journal and Gimlet, The Journal is a podcast about all things business, power, and money. With over 300 episodes, Hosts Kate and Ryan, take us through some of the most prominent stories in business. From battles between Wall Street titans, to stories about some of the largest companies in the world, you will be informed, educated and empowered by some of the best stories in business.

2. Masters of Scale Podcast – Masters of Scale includes some of the best business advice from Silicon Valley titans. Host Reid Hoffman – LinkedIn co-founder, greylock partner, and legendary Silicon Valley investor – interviews businesses most prominent thought leaders on scaling a business. Guests have included CEOs and founders of Netflix, Google, Facebook, Starbucks, Nike, Fiat, Spotify, Instagram, Airbnb, Uber, PayPal, Twitter and many more.

3. Business Wars Podcast – I just discovered this podcast and it has quickly become one of my favorites. Produced by Wondery, the makers of popular true crime series Dirty John and history podcast American History Tellers, this colorful, researched and insightful podcast is great for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners. The seasons and episodes follow some of the most competitive verticals from Food Delivery companies like Uber Eats vs. GrubHub, to video streaming giants Netflix vs. HBO.

4. WSJ What’s News Podcast – This Wall Street Journal produced podcast is part of my morning stream of podcasts. What’s News provides an update on all things business, financial markets and politics. The short and informative podcasts covers the breaking news of the day, and is a quick and easy way for a busy executive to keep up with macroeconomic factors impacting business and the world. It presents the best WSJ headlines of the day, with insights and analysis from award-winning reporters who broke the news.

5. A Bit of Optimism with Simon Sinek Podcast – Famous for his legendary TedTalk and best selling book, Start with Why, Simon Sinek is a author and speaker on leadership. Start with Why has been one of the most impactful business books I have read. It has influenced how I approach the messaging and branding campaigns I launch for my clients. Simon’s interviews consist of thought leaders across business, culture, life and more.