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10 tips automotive direct-mail

9 Tips for Automotive Direct-mail Campaigns

For the success of your direct-mail campaigns, it is recommended that you follow these 9 Tips for Automotive Direct-mail:

1. Provide a copy of the direct-mail piece to all members of your sales team and receptionists so they are familiar with the offer(s), messaging and the look of the piece. Having a well-informed team will help them better communicate with potential customers. This gives your dealership credibility.

2. In a recent study, it was discovered that companies that provide conquest lists were on average 90% effective. In a 5,000-piece mailer, for example, 500 mailers will be incorrect. To improve accuracy be sure to send the list through National Change of Address (NCOA).

3. During the first few days of your campaign, expect a number of calls complaining that the recipient no longer has the vehicle listed or that the intended recipient is deceased. This is to be expected. There are services available that can remove persons that are deceased from your list. Many callers will want to know how your company received their information. The answer to that is: “Our company legally purchased a list of registered vehicle owners meeting our criteria and your vehicle was listed in a national database.” If the customer has a registered vehicle, they are on a national list that can be purchased by any company at any time.


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4. Some callers will want to be removed from future mailing lists. The caller must go to www.DMAChoice.org to register on their site to be excluded from future mailings. It is recommended to include this information in the disclaimer of the direct-mail piece and the DMA website will provide callers with further information on the exclusion process.

5. Some callers will no longer have the vehicle mentioned in the letter. The sales team should be instructed to inquire about the vehicle the caller is currently driving, as it may be on your “shopping list.”

6. At no time should any caller be transferred to voicemail–regardless of which sales manager is listed as “sending” the piece, the receptionists and sales team should be instructed that any member of the sales team will be able to assist the caller. If the caller asks to speak with the sales manager by name, ask if they received a letter and, if so, inform them that any member of the sales team will be able to assist them with their call.

7. Keep in mind that 20% of the market moves annually and 1% dies. Even though the database is updated on at least a monthly basis, some addresses will be wrong but are typically forwarded for six months from the date the recipient has moved.

8. The sales team should be instructed that the dealership is looking to purchase vehicles outright, even if the caller is not interested in trading in their car for a newer model.

9. Ensure that each sales member is trained to properly handle each phone call. See the Do’s and Don’ts of Automotive Direct-mail for scripts and recommend responses to objections.

If you are looking to maximize the results of your direct mail advertising follow these 9 tips for automotive direct-mail.