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During the 2016 election, I admit that I received almost every single tweet from President Trump through a notification from Twitter on my iPhone. I think we were all interested (whether for or against) in what the next Twitter bombshell was going to be from Donald Trump.

I noticed something a bit odd when viewing the comments. With all the recent news articles concerning Russian linked Facebook and Twitter accounts, it is clear that something suspicious was happening. When I would look at the profile picture of the person that commented, their picture would be them with a Make America Great Again hat and a Trump t-shirt. The image almost looked photo-shopped and pieced together. As I was scrolling through each comment I would see many profiles that looked very similar and were posted seconds after the actual tweet was posted by Trump.

An article from the Daily Beast titled, I Bought a Russian Bot Army for Under $100, revealed that you can buy twitters profiles from a Russian company.

The point is that things are not always (or ever) what they appear to be online. From fake news articles, fake reviews, fake twitter and facebook profiles the digital ecosystem is becoming more and more filled with garbage and someday it may all come crashing down.

Genuinely EARNING trust and followers online gives you a solid reputation that will convert your website visits to leads. The key is to exceed the expectations of the customer and make sure that they are completely satisfied with their purchase. The ideal ten out of ten. At dDaniel, we conduct what is called our C3PE (Cost-per-percentage-point-of-exposure) surveys. In this survey, we ask a series of multiple questions to find out how a customer heard about the business. We also ask, “on a scale of one to ten how would you rate your experience?” If it is eight out ten, we ask, how can we be a ten out of ten? I recently listened to an episode of the podcast Masters of Scale which had Brian Chesky CEO of Airbnb as a guest. He said that early on they would meet with their customers and ask them what their dream experience would be with Airbnb, basically, how can we exceed your expectations?

When I was a Chef, that was a key principle to retain customers and to get them to talk about us. When I was helping to open a new fine-dining restaurant, that was the reoccurring theme throughout the process. That restaurant is still open and flourishing today.

Do customers trust your business and product? Do customers like your business and product? To stand out online, it is important to gain trust and have a solid reputation. Buying reviews or buying followers is NOT the way to do this.