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Digital Advertising Trends 2018

The digital landscape is ever-changing, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. According to Advertising Age, digital advertising spending surpassed traditional media for the first time in 2017. While there were major changes in the digital advertising landscape in 2017, things will get even more exciting in the next few years. Some of the changes 2018 will bring new challenges and opportunities for global advertisers. The changing regulatory and evolving capabilities will influence how digital marketers engage with consumers. Let’s explore some top trends in advertising that will shape 2018.

Multimedia Engages More

Multimedia Ads was one of the digital advertising trends that defined digital advertising industry in 2017. It seems things will be even more exciting in 2018. So, why is video such an important trend in 2018? While static images and text are some of the oldie-goldie solutions, multimedia offers a more effective and elaborate way to convey messages. You will agree with me that there is a higher chance of misinterpreting published posts, tweets, or email than video content. Naturally, humans search for meaning by reading the body language, tone of voice or the face. Video content offers the best way to reclaim these natural tendencies.

Not only does video have the ability to communicate a lot in a short span, but it also vital for storytelling. No wonder social media platforms are adopting photo sharing, video editing, and live streaming on a massive scale. With TrueView, YouTube has taken the video battle to another level. The Outstream video is also gaining popularity and it also going to be crucial for most advertisers in 2018. This new type of advert format allows content publishers to deliver video adverts in text line breaks or outside the video players.

According to one of the studies by Cisco, video content is expected to absorb 80% of internet traffic by 2019. The same study shows that mobile video will grow by more than $3 billion in 2017 to hit $9.9 billion in 2018. So, marketers who master how to craft video campaigns on major platforms such as YouTube and Facebook will register improved performance.

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The advertising industry is in consumer privacy crosshairs. In 2018, digital marketers will have to navigate the EU and the US markets quite differently. The EU and US digital regulation diverge in many ways. With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) taking over from May 2018, the two markets are becoming more diverse. GDPR will have a huge impact on how digital advertisers will collect and use personal data. Advertisers will have to be transparent with their collection and targeting strategies. This might also mean slow death of personalization within the EU market. The most affected segment is programmatic ads. For creative advertisers, however, this means emphasizing more on higher quality data and less on ad volume.

Omni-channel Marketing

Today, consumers have a variety of ways to interact with your business, and this has a major influence on how they make purchase decisions. This has seen several companies adopt a more seamless experience across the various channels. Brick-and-mortar businesses with websites can get more value if they create a seamless transition between mobile, desktop, and storefront. Adweek estimates that 62% of companies are already implementing Omni-channel marketing while 70% feel that Omni-channel is one of the most crucial digital marketing trends.

Native Advertising To Take Over Ad Space

Native advertising is one of the few trends in advertising that will disrupt the advertising landscape. Unlike traditional forms of digital marketing, native advertising offers an unobtrusive way of engaging with consumers. In most cases, it is seen as a recommendation or a suggestion rather than a direct attempt to market a product or services. The main aim is to provide value-driven content within online channels, feeds, or sites that the audience is already engaged in. The beauty of this form of advertising is that it may encourage the audience to share content.

According to Business Insider, native displays are expected to take over the ads space in the next few years. In 2016, the share of native ads revenue was 56%, but this is expected to reach 74% by 2021. These insights should tell you something about how you should set your advertising budget in 2018.

Augmented Reality Will Shape Decision Making

Unlike VR, the augmented reality integrates well into the digital space without inventing something new. The fact that it integrates digital data into real-time experiences without customers leaving their homes makes it one of the digital marketing trends that offer immense advertising opportunities. Augmented reality can be used as FYI-styled and suggestions messages. With the roll-out of Google Lens and Apple AR kit, there is an immense opportunity for apps with engaging adverts.

Influencer Marketing

Though not new, influencer marketing will continue to be relevant in the advertising industry. In the past, the effectiveness of influencer marketing diminishes because most marketers misuse it, but it can still be useful to any marketer looking to go beyond conventional marketing. It can help to build an engaging brand from an inside perspective. This is not limited to those with millions of followers. A company can also leverage the influential power of employees and micro-influencers.

Influencers have taken time to build a relationship with their followers or audience, so they are more trusted if they share messages that are true to their style. Paid advertising that will leverage on the influencers will be more effective if the content shared is genuine and brands deliver on promises.

Transparency is Key

In the past few years, playing dirty in the digital marketing was the easiest option for those who wanted faster results. It was easier for digital marketers to collect data from unsuspicious users and sell them to treacherous scammers. Today, there is a growing concern about data protection. Google and IAB announced measures to get rid of shady players. Initiatives such as Ad Experience, Abusive Experience, and Ads.txt are supposed to introduce fair play into the digital advertisement. This will make advertising and media buying safe and transparent.

With evolving ad technology, faster mobile web, and artificial intelligence, there is a lot that digital marketers should be excited about. If you want to get better at deriving value from digital advertising trends in your business, contact us at 724-359-1045 or visit briansorce.com to learn more.


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