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“do nothing, say nothing and be nothing”

Most businesses take a lackadaisical approach to their online reputation. Then BAM! They get hit with a bad review on Google and they go into damage control mode. Having a consistent and inexpensive review generation program can prevent a negative online image. Let’s face it, not one business is perfect. Aristotle said, “There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing and be nothing.” Online review generation is essential for any business. 90% of consumers say they’ll only consider using a business if they have an average rating of 3-5 stars. With this simple hack, you can create links that go directly to the review pages for your business.

Create a link from Google Search

To create a link from Google Search:

  1. On your computer, search for your business on Google.
  2. Find your business listing and click Write a review.
  3. Copy and paste the URL you see in your address bar.

If these steps don’t work for you, you’ll need to use the PlaceID Lookup Tool instead.

Create a link using the Google PlaceID Lookup Tool

To create a link using the PlaceID Lookup Tool:

  1. Use the PlaceID Lookup Tool below.
  2. Enter your business name in the “Enter a location” field at the top of the map.
  3. Click your business name in the list that appears.
  4. Copy your Place ID, which you’ll see beneath your business name.
  5. Add your Place ID to the following URL to create your link:<place_id>
  6. Copy and paste the review link into the Google URL shortener

Credit Google:

Learn more about what Google is up to here

Facebook Review Link

  1. Go to your Facebook page and simply add /reviews/ to the URL:
  2. Copy and paste the review link into the Google URL shortener{your business page}/reviews/

If you have your Facebook reviews page disabled on your profile, you will not be able to send users directly to your review page. Simply enable the review page to send users to this page.

Yelp Review Link

  1. Find your business on Yelp and you can just click Write a Review to find your review page.
  2. Copy and paste the review link into the Google URL shortener{your business ID}

Create a Text Message or Email to send to your customers

Once you have all three of your links you can create an email or a text message to have at the ready to send to your customers. I have found that calling your customer after they have completed their purchase is the best way to ask them for a review. This is a great opportunity to ask them how their experience was, they will appreciate this and it shows that you care. If they are happy then you can proceed to ask them if it is ok to send them an email or text message with a link to their favorite review site.

Online reviews are one of the best ways to keep track of customer experiences and impressions. But even if a business has a good relationship with its customers, it takes time to build a strong base of online reviews without help. These simple hacks will help you create direct links to your Google, Yelp and Facebook review page. Easily send each link in an email or text message your customers.

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